An intuitive blind-friendly watch with fast AI built in.

Canes, expensive devices, and a whole lot of apps. Where should you even begin? You hate switching between dozens of apps and devices, but you want a high tech solution for your problems. Fortunately, that's why we're designing the perfect smartwatch for you.

blindsight uses haptic feedback and computer vision to find objects, summarize scenes, read text, and recognize faces.

Why blindsight?

blindsight is an incredibly simple smartwatch.

It only takes a few minutes to start understanding the world around you.

Object Tracking

Haptic Feedback

Braille Display

Virtual Assistant

"I believe your device can be the be-all-end-all... I currently carry a tablet device and two phones wherever I go"

Yvonne Felix, Senior Manager, CNIB Foundation

blindsight has lightning fast AI. No more waiting around.

State-of-the-art object detection algorithms recognize objects in less than a second without a WiFi or data connection.

Bluetooth 4.0 — Because Your Time is Important

blindsight uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone quickly without a WiFi or data connection.

Serverless Technology

No need to have a fast WiFi or data connection. blindsight stays away from wasting your data.

Braille Display. Because all your friends wear watches.

Read notifications quickly then reply to your friends using just your watch. Currently under development. Check back later for more details.


Huge All-Day Battery.

Never lose charge again. Our 2000 mAh battery lasts all-day long. That's more recognizing more objects more text more scenes more faces more.

Low Energy Use

Do more with less. blindsight offloads the most intensive processes from the device so you don't burn through your battery.

Wireless Charging

Never go a day without a full charge again. When you're done with your day, just pop blindsight on the charger, and you'll wake up to a fully-charged battery.

No more mess. No more fuss.

Let us clean up the mess that is your app drawer. Simplify the tools you use.


Our Team

With over 30 years of combined experience in software engineering, 3D modeling, and electronics.

What are you waiting for? Experience the best smartwatch for the visually impaired.




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